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Top 8 Food Markets in Barcelona

There has been different Food market re-openings recently in Barcelona, and I thought it could be of interest to share with you some of the Best Food Markets in the city.

In Barcelona there are 39 food markets spread out throughout the city

First of all, allow me to say that in order to judge them, I have categorized these in 3 different aspects: Accesability, Variety and Location.

By Accesability, I mean how easy is to get there from any part of the city. Public transports or ways to access the market.

By Variety, I mean the number of outlets like fruit stands, meat stands, fish stands and ever bars where you can sit down and have a coffee.

By Location, I mean how far they are from the city center.

As you might probably know, Barcelona is known for it’s food diversity, being the first city in Spain with the most number of Restaurants per person.

The upcoming trend of healthy lifestyle, has affected the Food Markets very posivetly. There are a lot more restaurant owners buying directly at the Food Markets to guarantee a great quality and to support the local agriculture.

Well, now that your mouth might be watering and you want to discover some markets here they are:

1. Mercat De La Boqueria

La BoqueriaLa Boqueria is probably the most well known Food Market in Barcelona. This is thanks to it’s fabulous location in the center of Las Ramblas.

La Boqueria, is also known to be a perfect pit stop before you visit any other centric sites near Las Ramblas. Inside there are numerous freshly squezeed juices, fruit bowls or even a nice Jam Sandwich (Entrepa de Pernil – in Catalan).

In terms of accesability, you can get there by metro, bus or even walking distance depending on where you are.

Mercat de La Boqueria – La Rambla, 89, Barcelona

Metro: L3, Metro station Liceu

Bus: Line V13, La Boqueria

If we consider variety, El mercat de la Boqueria has the widest variety of stands in Barcelona. Specialized in very good quality, you can find almost any type of fruit, cured ham, meat or fish. Also, there are a couple of decent bars that you can taste a nice fish tapa or typical sandwich.

Location is perfect, as it stands in the middle of Las Ramblas, a must transit place for tourists!

2. Mercat de Sant Antoni

Mercat de Sant Antoni

The Sant Antoni Food Market has been refurbished recently (2018) and there has been a local re-launch this past weekend that has been very promising.

This is known to be one of the oldest food markets in Barcelona, and even you can see Barcelona’s ancient city walls from the 18th century.

Sant Antoni is the district where this market is located, a very well known district for it’s food diversity. Like the famous restaurants from Albert Adrià.

Accesability is great in Sant Antoni, given there is a free parking underneath the food market and also many public transports that leave right in front.

In terms of variety, Sant Antoni covers every single category of foods you can imagine, and now you can even find clothing shops!

Location is fantastic. The Sant Antoni district is close to el Paralel that is also a must transit place to locate good restaurants.

Mercat de Sant Antoni – C/ Compte d’Urgell, 1, Barcelona

Metro: L2 Sant Antoni

Bus: Line 41, Sant Antoni

The Sant Antoni market also has furniture sales some weekends and even book sales outside!

3. Mercat de Santa Caterina

Santa Caterina Food MarketMercat de Santa Caterina is located in Ciutat Vella. Easily spoted by the innovative design of the rooftop, that resembles the diversity of food and colours inside.

A bit more vanguardist than traditional La Boqueria, this food market is unique also for it’s diversity inside. You can enjoy a good cheese, ham or fruit juice while admiring the amazing rooftop.

In terms of Accessability, this market is great with many public transportation around as well as a giant scooter parking. However, the parkings around it are payed parkings.

Variety is enormous inside, and one of the most atractive things is the numerous bars you can have a great snack in.

Location is a bit tricky, as it stands hidden in the middle of ciutat vella, and if you don’t know the place, it seems a bit difficult to find.

El Mercat de Santa Caterina – Av. Francesc Cambó, 16, Barcelona

Metro: L4, Jaime I

Bus: Line 120, Ciutat Vella

Don’t miss this one if you want to see something in line with the city’s architecture.

4. Mercat de Sant Andreu

Mercat de Sant AndreuMercat de Sant Andreu is probably a food market that might not be the biggest one in Barcelona, but it certainly has the most relevant things in a food market. Located in the district of Sant Andreu, this market offers fresh fish, meat, fruits and even spices.

Also, there are a couple of bars closeby that offer hot chocolatte, many kinds of tea and Ice creams.

This market has suffered a lot from many economic recessions, but it has been refurbished and now it is a solid place for people in the district of Sant Andreu.

Accesability is ok, but it could use a parking nearby. Anyhow, public transports reach here easily.

Variety is also ok, as it offers the basics from a food market, but you can enjoy great icre creams or teas here also.

Location is a bit far from the city center, but public transports reach here easily and in 20 min from the center you can get there.

Mercat de Sant Andreu РPla̤a del Mercadal, 41, Barcelona

Metro: L1, Sant Andreu

Bus: Line 126, Sant Andreu

It has recently been refurbished, so if you’re in the area don’t miss it!

5. Mercat de La Concepció

Mercat de la ConcepcióMercat de la Concepció, is a traditional market mostly known for the flowers and plants stands they have. Right in the middle of the popular neighborhood L’Eixample, this unique market is an experience itself.

When the market opens, it’s like a huge warehouse opening these big doors. You access the market on ground level, but, the food stalks are underneath you. Literally, underneath you. You have to walk through a glass bottom bridge and you can see everything underneath. It’s great!

Accesability is not as other markets, given it’s in the middle of a very crowded district. But, it’s one of those places that you reach walking.

Variety is awesome if we consider every food market has the same food stalks, but this one, also has a large plant section in the back! Which makes it unique.

Location is great. In the street of Arago, it’s very easy to locate and to get there in public transport.

Mercat de la Concepció – C/ Aragó, 313, Barcelona

Metro: L4, Girona

Bus: V17 or Line 34 will leave you in front. Girona is the bus stop.

Go check those flowers and enjoy the experience of that bridge!

6. Mercat de Sants

Mercat de SantsMercat de Sants, is a typical food market located in the neighborhood of Sants with a very unique design. Inside the celings are so high that give you and amplitude and modern feeling at the same time.

Inside you will find the typical food stalls with fresh fish, meat and vegetables, but also, there are plenty of stalls with take away food. This makes it special if you want to taste local tapas like croquetes, empanadas and salads.

The accesability is pretty good if you’re walking or getting there by public transport. But, it could use a parking nearby.

The variety is decent, and you have the compliment of freshly made tapas.

The location is a bit away from the city center, but Sants is located in the biggest train station in the city, so, it’s well situated.

Mercat de Sants – C/ Sant Jordi, 6, Barcelona

Metro: L1 & L5, plaça de Sants

Bus: Line 54, Plaça de Sants

Dive into those excellent tapas!

7. Mercat de Galvany

Mercat de GalvanyMercat de Galvany is located in Sant Gervasi – Sarrià area, a populated residential district with very good surrondings. This market is unique, as the architecture differs from the other food markets. With brick walls and huge spaces inside, it’s a place to even relax during peak hours.

Inside you will find a wide assortment of Cheese, Ham and even spices and Sushi stands!

I find this place quite charming and romantic. One of those places that every town has to have to mantain the culture vivid and fresh.

In terms of accesability, the market is in a residential area that is best accesed walking. Or by bus.

Variety is well balanced with the baqsic food market things, but also, with great assortment of spices and Sushi!

Location is perfect. It is in the north part of Barcelona and there are a lot of residential homes nearby, so buses and metro reach there easily.

Mercat de Galvany – C/ Santaló, 65, Barcelona

Metro: L3, L5, Diagonal

Bus: Line D40, Diagonal

Dive in this little but stylish food market!

8. Mercat de l’Abaceria

Mercat de l'AbaceriaMercat de l’Abaceria is one of the most visual atractive food markets in Barcelona. The first thing thing that will strike you is the numerous graphitis in the metal doors outside. These graphitis have been made by local artists and give this food market a lot of personality.

If you go there in the morning, it is very entertained to watch the owners of the stalls set up everything.

Another good reason to visit this food market is the variety of things they offer. From tools, to houseware and a central fish stall with a big assortment.

In terms of accesability, this market could be better with a parking nerby, but, since it’s located in the center of the city, it seems difficult to access it, unless it’s by foot.

Variety is superb. Besides the typical food market stalls, you can find tools and home accesories.

Location is great as it is right in the center part of the city and it’s very easy to find.

Mercat de l’Abaceria – Travessera de Gràcia, 186, Barcelona

Metro: L3, Fontana

Bus: Line 22 stops right in front

This is it guys! I hope you will enjoy this food market tour! Gastronomy in Barcelona is very important and these food markets will give a good sense of our essence!

Best food markets in Barcelona

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