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Best Rooftop Bars in Barcelona

rooftop bars

Best Rooftop Bars in Barcelona

What is the best thing to do on a Saturday/Sunday afternoon? Where can you go that is less touristic in Barcelona? How can you view the city from above? Think no more, here I bring you the best rooftop bars in Barcelona!

There are so many possibilities at the rooftop bars. Enjoy a brunch, a nice cocktail, a great swiming pool or a romantic dinner.

The cream of the top in the city are these incredible rooftops. Barcelona is characteristic for it’s simplicity, modernism, great food and also, it’s typical mediterranean culture.

Our culture is based on people that socialize a lot. It doesn’t matter where you’re from or what you do in life. Social gathering happens every day in Barcelona. And yes, some of these happen in our rooftops.

Sunset is the best time to visit the rooftop bars

The thing is that, most of these rooftop bars are managed by hotels. Therefore, morning hours are usually closed for private customers.

There are a few that are starting to open around 12:00 at noon. They offer a Brunch service an even a chill out DJ. But that is not common, yet.

I really recommend you visit the rooftop bars during the previous sunset hours: 17:00 – 21:00. If you go at peak hours, the chances are that you will not have the a place, given their capacity (between 40 to 100 persons at a time).

Now, many people have asked me this question several times: Which is the best rooftop in Barcelona? And my answer has always been the same: Best rooftop for what?

In order to judge properly, I’ve decided to stablish a ranking based on:

City Views, Food & Drinks, Instalations & Service

Also, given I am a well recognized writer in TripAdvisor I will check out each rating and write it underneath.

Oh, sorry, almost forgot! There isn’t a dress code to visit any rooftops in Barcelona, but, some recommend you look fresh and not like you just came from the beach with your sandals and so on.

Dress fresh!

Okay, here we go! Where are the best rooftop bars in Barcelona?

On number 1 position I’m gonna have to pick: HOTEL 1898.

Hotel 1898

rooftop bars

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This amazing city view of Montjuic and the west part of the city is incredibly stunning. Hotel 1898 has the best rooftops in Barcelona, as well as one of the best hotels.

La Isabella is the name of the rooftop. It’s split in different areas, the pool, the lounge area with outdoor beds and the restaurant facing the cathedral.

This hotel is located in El Raval district, it is very accesible from Las Ramblas. It has a unique decoration style, kind of like a french modernist style (i’m not specialist in interiorism, but I just say of what it reminds me, hehe).

The city views are almost 360º. I say almost, because the bar ocupies a spot that slightly covers a bit of the northern view. However, the views are stunning!

The cocktails are incredible, but the best here is the food. Very mediterranean style dishes, with incredible views. Prices are a bit high, but it is worth it. Very romantic place!

The waiters, barmans, cooks are great! Good detail of attention and perfect recommendations!

Here is one last photo…

rooftop bars

Hotel 1898 - La Rambla, 109, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L3, Liceu

TripAdvisor rating: 4,5/5

Hotel Grand Central

Now this has an amazing infinity pool! What a views! Hotel Grand Central is located in the Gothic Quarter district near the Cathedral and is also boundries with the well-known district of El Born.

rooftop bars

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*image from the hotels web page

Hotel Grand Central has one of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona, for various reasons. The city view is incredible. Sunsets here make you feel like if there was no tomorrow. You can spot many known buildings like, Agbar Tower, Hotel Arts and the Cathedral.

In their food menu, there are lots of good tapas to share. All of them with a Mediterranean feel. My favourite has to be: Cherries, black lobster and fresh cheese gazpacho soup!

The sky bar or city bar as they call it, is not very big. You can fit 43 persons max and there are just a few tables where you can sit and lunch or dinner. Then there are the pool hammocks and the tall chairs by the bar. Overall, seems quite exclusive, and quiet, which is what is meant to be.

The service is pretty decent, the waiters pay a lot of attention to you. Also, the dedicated barman is very professional.

The only “but” I would put in this hotel is the entrance fee at the rooftop bar, 20€!

Grand Hotel Central – Via Laietana, 30, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1 Urquinaona

TripAdvisor rating:  4,5/5

Iberostar Paseo de Gracia

Rooftop Bars

This is one of my favourites! Located in the center of Barcelona, right in Plaça Catalunya, this unique hotel offers great city center views!

The rooftop bar at the Iberostar Hotel is open and free for everyone! Off course it will depend on the number of people up there, which I think has a limit of around 80 persons.

As you can see on the photo above, the city views are incredible. From up there, you can see Plaça Catalunya in it’s totality, and the left corner you can see La Sagrada Familia also! it’s beautiful.

The food you can order almost any kind of typical tapas like bravas, olives, or clams. As per the cocktails, I have to recommend the Bloody Mary. It is quite a typical cocktail, but this one was very smooth and very well balanced!

rooftop bars

The infinity pool over the city is so breath taking that makes you dive in right away! I guess this option isn’t available unless you are hosted in the hotel 🙂

The service of the rooftop bar was incredible. There was a waiter who even offered us to take pictures of us 2.

Also, he pointed out the best photo spots and was very kind explaining things from the hotel.

Iberostar Paseo de Gracia РPla̤a Catalunya, 10, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro Station: L1, L3, Plaça Catalunya

TripAdvisor rating: 4,5/5

Almanac Hotel

Almanac Hotel has been rated by VOGUE as the best rooftop in Barcelona. I have to say, I never knew of this hotel until I went just a couple days ago. I believe the Almanac Hotel has one of the best decorations I’ve seen lately.

The rooftop is structured by an indoor bar with lots of accomodation, and then the terrace with a huge area with outdoor sofas.

rooftop bars

Nicolas, the Hotel Manager was so nice with his attention that he even took us around for a mini tour in the Hotel.

They have an amazing restaurant in the bottom floor as well with great Mediterranean food deals.

Cocktails are one of their best tools to attract people, as they have a dedicated barman with lots of experience behind the bar.

The city views are great. This is very close to Paseo de Gracia and once you’re above, you can spot La Sagrada familia and also the famous Agbar Tower.

One of the best indeed!

Hotel Almanac - Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 619, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Catalunya

TripAdvisor rating: 5,0/5

Hotel Mandarin Oriental

Hotel Manadarin Oriental is located in the very center of Barcelona, right at the concurred Paseo de Gracia.

This rooftop is one of the most elegant rooftops to visit. The views are incredible, as you can see the north part of the city and the views at Paseo de Gracia.

rooftop bars

The service at the hotel is outstanding. That day, it rained and many rooftops close for the whole day as they need to put away all the amenities. But, the staff at Manadarin Oriental, allowed us to go up and we were on our own.

I couldn’t have a taste of the cocktails given the situation, but, I saw the cocktail list and it looked incredible!

The views from above are the best. You almost have a 360 view from Barcelona. The ambient is so relaxing with the pool and the hammocks, that you will feel in heaven!

Hotel Manadarin Oriental - Passeig de Gràcia, 38-40, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Catalunya

TripAdvisor Rating: 4,5/5

Hotel Royal

Hotel Royal is located at Paseo de Gracia as well, and they have a very distinguished rooftop, with a glass cover. Which seems great if the weather isn’t promising.

rooftop bars

The ambient is very chilled with a dominant view of the city all around the Hotel. You can spot La Sagrada Familia, Hotel W and Agbar tower easily.

But the best comes behind the bar. A dedicated barman creates refreshing cocktails like this Expresso Martini…

rooftop bars

Also, the barman recommended to try the “Royal Sangria”. Apparently, they have their own recipe which includes peach and melon liquer!!

The instalations are very nice, but don’t expect to find a pool up there. The lounge-type rooftop offers a good and relaxed ambient.

Hotel Royal Paseo de Grácia - Passeig de Gràcia, 84, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Catalunya

TripAdvisor rating: 4,5/5

Hotel Arts

Hotel Arts is located in front of the sea and it is one of the twin towers you can spot in Barcelona’s skyline.

Rooftop Bars

*image property of the hotel

My cloudy day and rain was too poor to take good shots, so I borrowed this one from the hotel!

Hotel Arts is one of the most popular hotels for rich & famous people. Their rooftop is located in the 3rd floor, which is also where the 1 Michellin star restaurant and chef, Sergi Arola, are.

The pool can be enjoyed only by guests, but you can acces to the restaurant and enjoy a fabulous mediterranean meal!

It is a bit expensive in general, but, the views and the service are definetly worth it!!

Hotels Arts - Carrer de la Marina, 19-21, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Marina, or bus

TripAdvisor rating: 4,4/5

H10 Montcada Boutique Hotel

H10 Montcada, is a fabulous hotel located right next to the iconic Cathedral of Barcelona.

The sunset rooftop bar is perfect if you’d like to enjoy the views and great cocktails. Also, they have a Jacuzzi facing the sea, which makes it very appealing if you are hosted there.

Rooftop Bars

*image property of the hotel

Again, my cloudy day didn’t allow me to take good photos. But the hotel has provided these wonderful photos!

The staff are very kind and a very professional barman takes care of you from the very begining.

This hotel is located at the Barri Gothic. With many different sites around the hotel, it is perfect to make a stop and enjoy the views from above!

I really recommend a Gin Mare Gin tonic to get the full Mediterreanan experience!

H10 Montcada - Via Laietana, 24, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Urquinanona

TripAdvisor rating: 4,5/5

Hotel Ohla

Hotel Ohla, is located right at the edge of Barri Gothic, at the end of Via Laietana. This incredible hotel has a very “Chic” rooftop, with a glass viewed pool.

Rooftop Bars

*image property of the Hotel

Again, my cloudy day didn’t allow me to take decent photos of the hotel, but I have to say I was very impressed by the views and they way the rooftop is structured.

Completly facing the city and the Cathedral, you can enjoy a beautiful view, while drinking a nice and refreshing signature cocktails.

Also, they can offer you a list of Mediterranean tapas that will complete your experince and you won’t want to leave!

The elegant design of the rooftop is in line with the modernist architecture of the city, and also contrasts with the neo clasical architecture of the front.

Hotel Ohla Barcelona - Via Laietana, 49, Barcelona

Google Maps

Metro: L1, Urquinaona

TripAdvisor rating: 4,5/5

Hotel Ayre Rosello

Hotel Ayre Roselló, is a unique and modern hotel located in the very heart of Eixample quarter.

The most impressive part of this hotel, is the magnificient views of the gorgeous Basilica de La Sagrada Familia.

rooftop bars

*image property of the hotel

Hotel Barceló Raval

Hotel Barceló Raval, is a modern hotel located in the District of El Raval. This district is really close to some of the most touristic places in Barcelona, such as Las Ramblas, La Boqueria and the popular Liceu theathre.

Their rooftop is the biggest 360 rooftop in Barcelona and the views are spectacular!

Rooftop Bars

In terms of food and drinks, you have a very nice tapas menu with lots of mediterranean food options!

The cocktails are great, although they seem basic in terms of diversity. The typical mojito, gin tonic and a few more.

I really recommend this rooftop bar, if you want to see a 360 view of the city!

Alright folks! this is it. I hope you have enjoyed the reading and if you did, please leave a comment below!


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