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About me

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Hi there! My name is Ivan and I work as Area Manager for a multinational company. 5 years ago, I decided to create an Instagram account in order to share my adventures all over the world with focus on the unique cultures there are in the world.

The name ACE COOLTURE came to my mind when I remembered one of my favourite movies: Ace Ventura. I thought Ace meant “Top” so I combined it with culture, but using Coolture given the mix of Cool + Culture. So, yes, you can say I’m as crazy as Ace Ventura. Many kids in my school use to use that nickname for me…aaaaaalllll righty then!!! hahaha

The first 5 years on Instagram have been a trully learning experience. I’ve met some amazing people, learned photography skills and collaborated with amazing brands like TripAdvisor, Lonely Planet and many resorts!

The begining on Instagram was quite tough. But I wrote many DMs to popular igers to help me find myself in this social media jungle. It took a while since I figured out what worked for me, but at the end, it was more simple than I thought: Being myself.

I have Instagram as a way to share my personal view of the world. Without leaving aside, to have fun.

I started a Travel Blog to write a bit more then the captions I write on Instagram and also, to share my advice and knowledge about everything I learn on the way.

Well, now you know about me a little more! Oh!! I forgot, I live in Barcelona !! If you wanna meet up, just send me an email or text me via Instagram!

Ace Coolture – Ivan


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