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Top Things To Do In Chicago

Millennium Park

Top Things To Do In Chicago

Last time I was in Chicago, I was 10 years old and I don’t remember much from then. I guess back then, Chicago Bulls, the sears tower were the things I was interested on so, that what I saw.

This time was completely different. I flew in on a weekend to explore a bit of the city. I heard a lot of great things about Chicago, like the unique situation of the city facing lake Michigan.

Before traveling, I always scroll through the different Instagram profiles of each place I go, like @igerschicago, @visitchicago or @chicago, so I can grab some ideas of cool shots I could take.

There are beautiful images of Chicago on the gram! The ones I liked the most were the ones taken with drone. Unfortunately, on this trip I left the drone at home 🙂

Alright, in this blog post I wanted to share with you some of the best things to do in Chicago, considering these are also great photo spots!

1. Chicago Theatre

This amusing Chicago Theatre is probably one the most famous landmarks in Chicago. This place was built in 1921 and during the 50’s and the 60’s it was one of the top theatres in the US.

Chicago Theatre
Chicago Theatre
Chicago Theatre
Chicago Theatre

I had a rainy day as you can see, but still, the light of the street, the busy traffic & the shops made this place unique.

I had to stop the traffic several times to take this photo 🙂

2. Millennium Park

Millenium Park is a public park located in the Chicago Loop area, close to the lake shore of Lake Michigan.

This park has 2 beautiful sites to photograph: The tulip gardens and the Moon Bean.

At the north entrance of the park, you will find this type of mini garden with lots of tulip flowers and at the end, you can even see the infinity of the street. I found it amazing

Millennium Park
Millennium Park

The Moon Bean or formerly known as The Cloud Gate, is a unique sculpture by Sir Anish Kapoor (searched the wikipedia, I had no clue a minute a go haha).

The cloud gate
The Cloud Gate



It is pretty hard to get a shot without people, but i recommend you either wake up at 4 am or just tilt your camera angle towards the sky, like I did.

3. Wrigley Field – Chicago Cubs Baseball stadium

Hey! I’m not really a Baseball fan, but in the US you have to go to a ball game if you have the chance. The ambient is so festive, you will enjoy!

This is the second oldest baseball fields in the US, after my beloved Fenway Park from the Boston Red Sox!

I found this place very inspiring and there are some awesome photos outside with the crowd.




4. Bay Area

Chicago has a very big Bay area as the city is facing lake Michigan with a huge lake shore,  sea shore? not sure what’s correct.

If you go there during sunset, on a sunny day, I guarantee you will see one of the best city sunsets in your life!

Unluckily, I had a very cloudy day and you can only see Chicago’s skyline in contrast. But hey, you need to take pictures when you need to take pictures 🙂



5. Chicago’s famous Bridges

Chicago has numerous bridges crossing the river. This has become a recognizable site in Chicago.

I really recommend you find a tall building around, like The London House Hotel by Hilton. Up there you will be able to see all 5 bridges lined up being stared by huge apartment buildings.


This is it on this post! I’m sure I may have missed some spots, so please please, leave me a comment about your favorite spots in Chicago and I will be able to check them out next time I go there!!

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Best day plan in Toronto!


On my first visit to Toronto, I got shocked by the skyline I saw from the plane. For someone from Barcelona, like me, seeing these skylines was incredible.

Actually, I found some similarities between Toronto and Barcelona. They are both oriented to the water, there is a very active social life and people seem very calm and nice. Although I wish I had more time to visit the city, I was only there for 3 days so I picked the most amazing things I saw on TripAdvisor.


1. CN Tower

The CN Tower is one of the most amazing things you see when you arrive in Toronto. The area is also amazing as you can see the acquarium underneath, the Rogers stadium and many different places to eat.

The entrance is worth 40$ per person. That includes the ride up to the top only. I went there in the morning right before lunch, as I thought at noon would be the time to see a lot of the city.

The elevator ride is great, there is lady explaining in only 3 minutes, what you will find at the top, while your ears start to cover.

CN Tower
CN Tower
Views from above the CN Tower
Views from above the CN Tower

Definetly worth the views! Also, for the curious ones, there is a glass bottom floor that you can stand on top and see everything underneath you. It looks quite scary, and it’s very fun to watch people play around there to get that funny selfie.

Grab your tickets here: CN TOWER TICKETS

2. The Royal Ontario Museum

Scrolling through TripAdvisor’s Best activities in Toronto, I found a huge Dinosaur head staring at me in one of those mini thumbnails pics. Personally, I found it very atractive, but that is because I’m a bit of a freak about Romans, Egypcians, Space & Dinosaurs.

The entrance ticket costs 20$ per person.

The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM), has an amazing arquitecture that was designed by  Daniel Libeskind, Frank Darling, John A. Pearson. It is the biggest Natural history museum in Canada.


In addition, I have to say I joined the speach of tour lady to a bunch of high school kids. It was quite funny, because I was pretending to look distracted by the arts while listening to what she was explaining. 🙂

YOU CAN’T MISS: The Dinosaur area, The Egypt area, The geology area and the Romans area.

Everything is so impressive!


Even visit a replica Egypcian Tomb!


Seems like, this place was probably the one that I enjoyed the most. For all the things you can do inside. Actually, I would go here at least once a month!

Get your ROM Tickets here

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post! I would be glad to know your favourite Toronto spots! you can write to me with your comments here:

Stay tunned for more adventures and recommendations!

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Looking forward to see you around!


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Best Snorkeling On Oahu

Best Snorkeling Spot in Oahu


Best Snorkeling On Oahu

What is the first thing that comes to your mind if I say: Oahu? Exactly, palm trees, piña coladas, beach, surf, all those fun things we all heard about.

In this blog post I will talk about one of the most famous places to do snorkel in Oahu!

Hawaii is formed by a group of Islands: Hawaii, Maui, Molokai, Oahu and Kauai. These are the big ones, but there are other smaller ones. Oahu is the island where the capital of Hawaii is located, Honolulu. This is why it is easier to travel to than the other islands. However, the bigger island is Hawaii (it’s actually called like this – The big island).

If you’re in Oahu, you have many different beaches to go to, and practice almost any water sport you can imagine. Today I wanted to talk about this beautiful beach we found, called Hanauma Bay.

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The ride from Honolulu to Hanauma Bay by car is around 30 minutes. You can get there by bus too, it’s only a few bucks if I remember correctly.

Hanauma Bay State Park is located at the far east part of the Island, about 30 min away from Honolulu by car/bus. The entrance fee is 7.50$ and there you can rent snorkeling gear for 25$/person.



When we went there, there weather was perfect, but you need to consider that any slight wind or cloudy day, will result negatively for snorkeling.

Hanauma bay in Oahu is perfect for snorkel for various reasons:

  1. The coral reef is not very deep, so you can swim along and discover all the little fish down there.
  2. The beach extension is very wide, so there is plenty of room for everyone to dive in from any spot
  3.  The animal diversity is amazing! We saw so many different types of fish. My favourite, a parrot fish!!

Best Snorkeling On oahu

You have to plan that you will spend from 4 to 6 hours there. You can have lunch at the beach with no problem at all.

So, do not even think about it!! If you have some spare time, you can’t miss this beautiful place! Many good memories here, awesome photos and felt like a dolphon for a while 🙂

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Thank you very much for reading!!!