BALI Collection – 10 Lightroom Presets


Bali Collection Lightroom Presets! 10 of the most impactfull Lightroom Presets for your prefered landscape shots.

In this collection you will find 10 different presets focusing on color adjustments, light corrections, contrast and filters that will boost your Instagram pictures to another level!

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Ace Coolture – Lightroom Presets Pack

Hello my name is Ivan, known as Ace Coolture on Instagram. During the past 5 years I’ve been travelling the world to some unique locations like: Hawaii, Bali, Cuba, Croatia, Canada and many others.

During this period I’ve learned how to master my photography skills thanks to some travelers I’ve met on the way.

Lightroom has been an amazing learning experience all these years. I must say that, without lightroom I couldn’t have increased my followers base the way I did.

Thanks to this long term experience, I’ve been able to design my own presets so that my pictures were shared by many amazing Instagram accounts.

With these Presets Pack I’ve put together, you will be able to have amazing pictures that will increase the impact of your engagement substantially!

Bali Collection Presets

If you’ve ever been to Bali, you’ll probably know the different landscapes you can find there. During my last visit, I explored jungles, beaches, little towns and it was incredible.

Given the diversity of landscapes, I created a unique Lightroom Preset Pack to help you bring your photos to it’s best!

These settings are focusing on getting those greens a bit toasted to avoid a green invasion on your shots. Also, getting those light colors right to create a more moody and misterious effect.

Importing Lightroom Presets

Sets to import these Presets:

1- Go to Lightroom CC or Lightroom Clasic

2. Go to “Lightroom” on the Mac menu or “File” on PC

3. Click on Preferences

4. Click on the “Presets” tab

5. Click on “Show Presets Folder”

6. Open the Lightroom Folder

7. Open the Develop Presets folder

8. Copy & Paste the Downloaded Presets collection here

9. Quit Lightroom and open again

Start enjoying!



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